look upon my works ye mighty and despair

"look upon my works ye mighty and despair, for they are manifold and dumb"

Though this is my main blog, this isn't my main blog. If you get what I'm saying. So if HeronOfTroy likes your post or starts following you, that's me. I track both tags, too.

I post all sorts of things, but rest assured there will never be anything nsfw. I have a list of my fandoms on the page marked as such in the navigation.



My friend’s misprinted fortune is kinda dark.

is this destiny





this is the best thing in the entire world

she should greet jane as if nothing happened and see how jane reacts

she should avoid school the next day. And the next. Every night, she should put on the exact outfit she had on that day, hose herself down until she’s completely drenched and stand in Jane’s yard. When Jane is home alone, she should approach the window, staring at her. Knock on it if you don’t have her attention. 

That’ll get her back for killing you and trying to hide the evidence.

Ease up there, Satan.



is this a disney movie


a page of messy pine twins sketches


a not so little mabel ♥(ノ´∀`)


dear time magazine, please do not call millennials the “selfie generation.” we are the meme generation and i will not stand for being mischaracterized like this


i think i found night vale

For headcanons: he's gonna catch em all cuz he's /danny phantom/


  1. cis heteromantic asexual
  2. literally aLWAYS gets his tongue stuck to poles in the winter time. ALWAYS
  3. practices his puns/witty banter in front of the mirror every night 
  4. for years he practiced flirting on the pic of paulina on his computer but it didn’t help aT ALL
  5. actually has a pretty decent singing voice, much to everyone’s surprise
  6. wanted to physically rip his ghost powers out the night he realized he would never be an astronaut bc the exam process was too rigurous and they’d notice something was off right away
  7. cujo still isn’t techinically his dog but that doesn’t stop him from making an ecto-drool proof doggy bed and modifying the fenton fishing rod thing (i can’t remember the name woops) to be a more permenant leash
  8. when elle and val get married he literally spends the whole night crying and/or drunk and elle and val just roll their eyes bc this loser
  9. he is sUCH A DAD OH MY GOODNESS he tells the wORST DAD JOKES and it’s aWFUL
  10. slowly starts becoming educated on social issues an things via sam, which is actually how he discovered he was ace
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